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Microwave services in Hyderabad

The Microwave is the perfect appliance for quickly and efficiently heating food. This device is convenient and efficient and can help you save energy and time when preparing meals. Although microwaves are prone to technical issues like any other electrical appliance, they are a convenient addition to any home. This is where Microwave repair service in Hyderabad provides exceptional service and expertise to identify and effectively fix any issues with microwaves. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that no further damage is caused while they are performing their repair work. Now, book fast, reliable, and effective Microwave service providers within the budget in no time at PRNV Services.

What are Popular Microwave Repair Services?

1. Drawer style microwave repair service

2. Countertop microwave Repair service

3. Over the range microwave repair service

4. Built in microwave repair service

5. Solo microwave oven repair and services

6. Grill microwave oven repair and services

7. Convection microwave oven repair and services

8. Oven toaster grill (OTG) microwave repair and services

What are the different problems that your microwave oven encounters?

PRNV Services provides reliable and efficient Microwave repair services. Our team of professional service technicians offer prompt and premier quality repair services, dedicated to delivering satisfaction to our customers every time. Let us ease your worries and help you with your Microwave repair needs today. Here are the most common Microwave repairs

1. Microwave Not Starting

2. Damaged Touchpad

3. Microwave Oven Plates Do Not Spin

4. Light doesn't turn on

5. Sparking in the microwave

6. Capacitor

7. Microwave Is Dead

8. Microwave Does Not Heat

9. Microwave Runs Briefly And Then Stops

10. Microwave Light Bulb Is Not Working

What are Microwave Services Offered?

Microwave services are the perfect choice to fulfil your needs! A professional technician will inspect the appliance and offer you repair options to choose the best service for you. PRNV Services don’t just help the people in Hyderabad to book services at the comfort of your home, it will let you choose the provider who best fits in the budget and known for their services.

Popular Microwave Brand Services to Book in Hyderabad

1. Samsung Microwave Oven Service Center in Hyderabad

2. LG Microwave Oven Service Center in Hyderabad

3. IFB Microwave Oven Service Center in Hyderabad

4. Bajaj Microwave Oven Service Center in Hyderabad

5. Godrej Microwave Oven Service Center in Hyderabad

6. Kenstar Microwave Oven Service Center in Hyderabad

7. Panasonic Microwave Oven Service Center in Hyderabad

Why Book Microwave Services Online in Hyderabad?

1. Check through Multiple Service Providers

2. Book Multiple Services at One Service Provider

3. Compare and Select Service Provider Based on Lowest Budget

4. Get Exclusive Discounts on Services

5. Get Provider to Your Doorstep

6. Enjoy Services from 100% Qualified Service

How to Book Microwave Repair & Services in Hyderabad?

1. Open the website ‘’

2. Search with category ‘Microwave repair & services’ and pincode to browse through the providers

3. Now, check the details of the service providers and select the best Microwave technician in your

4. Select the services you wish to book from provider and add them to the cart

4. Click on proceed to get the provider mobile number and talk to the service provider directly to discuss
the details

How PRNV Services Microwave Technicians different from Other Service Providers?

PRNV Services provides experienced and reliable technicians to ensure optimal performance of your
microwave. Our technicians are well-trained and available at competitive prices. We guarantee thorough and
complete repair and service of your microwave that ensures long-term durability.

Benefits to Book Services at PRNV Services:-

1. Browse through the fully skilled microwave technicians

2. Get only the verified and 100% authenticated technicians

3. Book any kind of service to your doorstep

4. Microwave professional who can work on multiple repair and services

5. Book one service provider for all needs

6. Get warranty for 1 week

7. You can get the service to your doorstep on mentioned time

8. Book services at lowest than the market prices

9. Get to book all services with extra discounts

Our Festive Season Discounts on Microwave Repair & Services

Our Microwave is designed to provide a convenient, efficient and safe way to heat food. Regular maintenance of
Microwave is essential to ensure that the appliance works properly and provides you with heat food timely. We
at PRNV Services strive to give you the best and most affordable Microwave services in Hyderabad. Enjoy your
festive days with our special celebrations and discounts offered during festivals like Diwali, Dussehra,
Christmas, and Ugadi. So, what are you waiting for? Book our expert Microwave services now within the

What Sets PRNV Services Apart From Other Service Provider Platforms

1. This Microwave service lets you find experienced professionals in Hyderabad with convenience.

2. No hidden charges, competitive prices and you can even bargain to get the best deal.

3. Customers can directly communicate with the service providers and book the services

4. All service providers are verified so you can book without worrying..

5. This professional Microwave service provider offers you the best work with 1-week of work guarantee.

6. Customers do not have to pay GST in most service cases.

Why Choose PRNV Services to Book all Microwave Repair Service Providers?

1. We work in a no commission model where we don’t take any commission from anyone either it is
service provider or customer. We strictly follow our passion to get you a budget friendly service that
can help you on your daily routines.

2. Provide the required details work started, work completed and work amount paid details along with
rating and review for the service provider so that incase of any damage and the problem in the work
done, we can check with the service provider for 1 week work guarantee during 1 week from the date
of services.

3. Unlike other platforms, PRNV Services has a special bang on feature for service providers where they
get a dedicated page to list out all services along with every minute detail of their services and so they
can share this profile with near and dear one’s or the customers as well.

What is the average cost to repair a microwave?

Microwave cost generally starts from INR 150 to goes up till even the range of INR 2000.

What is the cost of microwave motherboard?


Microwave Oven Pcb Boards at Rs 1800/piece.

What is the cost of microwave diode?

Microwave Diode Rectifier at Rs 24/piece.

How do I know if my microwave is faulty?

1. Food Takes Longer to Heat

2. Strange Noises

3. Controls Are Unresponsive

4. You See or Smell Smoke

5. Microwave Just Stops Working

What is the costing for microwave repair services in Hyderabad?

1. General Inspection - Rs. 150

2. Repair and service - Rs. 500 to 1000

3. Other Parts Services - Depends on the model and the parts.

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