Frequently asked questions

“PRNV Services” is an advertisement portal connecting professionals (technicians/service providers) and customers. The professional (technician/service provider) and customer can contact each other through mobile phone and chat. All the problems will be sorted between professional (technician/service provider) and customer on their own. Because of this “PRNV Services” doesn’t require any toll-free number. So, whatever the problem is, a professional (technician/service provider) and customer can talk to each other, as we are connecting them through our platform. But in case if you have any queries for us then feel free to contact us at +91 96035 58369, 040 35677327, +91 9059789177. You can also chat with us or send us an email at and we will respond right away.

Other companies are taking the amount directly from customers. In this amount, major share will be retained by companies and minor share to the professionals (technicians/service providers). With this huge amount, they can give a toll-free number, call centre, guarantee, and special offers. Whereas in “PRNV Services”, we are connecting professionals (technicians/service providers) and customers and we won’t take anything from professionals (technicians/service providers) in work amount. Because of this “PRNV Services” doesn’t provide any toll-free number, call centre, guarantee and special offers. For security purposes, “PRNV Services” obtained an agreement with the professionals (technicians/service providers) to give a work guarantee of 1 week to customers. As professionals (technicians/service providers) and customers communicate internally and discuss & finalise the details, “PRNV Services” do not know any of the work details. So, in order to get the work guarantee from the professional (technician/service provider), the customer must include the following information like work amount accepted, work amount paid, work completion, ratings and reviews which is mandatory for the guarantee claiming process. This work guarantee is valid for one week from the date of completion of the work.

“PRNV Services” doesn’t charge any commission from the professional (technician/service provider), as we are following the slogan “No Commission from Professionals & Customers”. We only take the subscription plan amount from the professionals (technicians/service providers). Even “PRNV Services” won’t take any commission from the customers.

Yes, “PRNV Services” offers “Guest Booking”, where the customer has to provide all the work details you wanted to book. Based on your requirement, we will provide the best professional (technician/service provider) near your location. You should make the payment directly to the professionals (technicians/service providers) because “PRNV Services” is not involved in the payment process. It is only involved in connecting professionals (technicians/service providers) and customers. The customers can also select the professional (technician/service provider) directly depending upon the rating, reviews and views.

Now, you can earn money by referring a professional (technician/service provider). The referral amount is Rs.250/- per referral. You will get this referral amount, when the professional (technician/service provider) has joined in any of our plans. This is one time payment and you can refer to as many professionals (technicians/service providers) as you want. The referral amount is the same (Rs. 250) for all plans.

Now, you can book “PRNV Services professionals” anywhere in Hyderabad. We have covered all the pin codes available in Hyderabad and you can find 100’s of professionals (technicians/service providers) near to your location.

Your professional (technician/service provider) profile is inactive because your subscription to the monthly plan has expired. So, subscribe to one of the plans to make your professional profile active.

After subscribing to any of the professional plans your profile will be activated within 24 hours. “PRNV Services” will take a few hours to verify the information you have submitted.

Yes, you can withdraw the referral amount which is deposited in your wallet by linking your bank. Also, you can use this referral amount to make the payment for any of the services you have booked using our website.

Your referral amount of Rs. 250 will be deposited in your wallet once the professional (technician/service provider) enrolls in any of our plans either its basic, silver, gold, platinum or advertisement plan.

You can contact the professional (technician/service provider) for service guarantee, as the professional is responsible to provide the service guarantee to the customer. These professionals (technicians/service providers) have undergone an agreement with “PRNV Services” to compensate for any damage or service guarantee to the customer. If you're facing any problem in getting this service guarantee you can contact “PRNV Services”. Then we will interact with the professionals (technicians/service providers) and solve your problem.

Your subscription plan live status depends upon the plan details. For example, the monthly plan of the professionals (technicians/service providers) is valid for 30 days. So, your subscription plan is valid for 30 days from the day of joining the services.

If you don’t renew your subscription plan then your professional profile will be deactivated. The profile will not be displayed to the customers and you will lose your seniority.

At present, we don’t have a subscription plan for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. We only have a subscription plan for monthly that you can renew monthly. But soon, we will introduce the quarterly (3 months), half yearly (6 months) and yearly (1 year) plan for the professionals (technicians/service providers).

You can't change the subscription plan in the middle of the ongoing plan. You can change the subscription plan after the completion of the existing plan.

Present, we are not offering any coupon code to use on subscription plans, as we are offering a huge discount on our subscription plans. Soon, we will offer the coupon code to use on professional plans.

You can enjoy a huge discount on a professional (technician/service provider) subscription plan. Even during the festive season and on special occasions, “PRNV Services” offers special discounts on all the subscription plans including basic, silver, gold and platinum.

You can refer as many professionals (technicians/service providers) as you wish. There are no restrictions on the number of referrals. So, refer as many professionals (technicians/service providers) as you can and earn a lot of money through this referral program.

The referral bonus amount on each referral is Rs. 250. This amount will be deposited into your account when the professional (technician/service provider) enrolls in any of our plans using your shared referral link.

The professionals (technicians/service providers) have agreed with “PRNV Services” to compensate for any damage or work to the customers. So, the professional (technician/service provider) will pay for any damage or work directly to the customer. (As” PRNV Services” is not involved between the professional (technician/service provider) and customer. Also, we won’t take any commission from customers and professionals (technicians/service providers). So, “PRNV Services” will not be involved in this compensation process.)

For the safety of professionals (technicians/service providers) and even for customers, id proofs of professionals are required. These identification documents will be kept by “PRNV Services' to ensure that we provide secure and trustworthy services to the customers.