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Sri Sri Radha Madanmohan Iskcon Temple

 Discover Inner Peace at ISKCON Nampally Temple! 

Step into a world of spiritual serenity at ISKCON Nampally Temple. Join us in daily prayers, uplifting discourses, and meditation, providing solace amid life's demands.

 Experience Devotion: Engage in heartfelt rituals that deepen your connection with the divine and nurture your soul.

 Enlightening Talks: Gain insights into timeless wisdom, finding guidance for modern challenges through enlightening discussions.

 Festive Unity: Celebrate joyous festivals with our welcoming community, fostering love and togetherness.

 Spiritual Treasures: Explore our bookstore for books and gifts that support your spiritual journey.

 Nourish Your Soul: Savor pure vegetarian cuisine at our restaurant, nurturing your well-being.

Join the ISKCON Nampally Temple family to cultivate inner peace and spiritual growth. Everyone is invited! Visit us or contact us on

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